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October 2009
Flavor of the Month: The Moon

The moon in mid-autumn is most picturesque. For centuries, Japanese people relished the autumn full moon while enjoying seasonal snacks. Seeing the intricate shades on the surface, viewers traditionally saw a rabbit pounding out sticky rice balls. However, folklore was downgraded to nostalgia a mere 40 years ago, when the first man landed on the moon.
If my memory is accurate, a Japanese child asked one of the astronauts who went to the moon if he saw a rabbit while he was there. But how would the NASA astronaut know anything about this folklore? The quick-thinking simultaneous interpreter—Mr. Sen Nishiyama, I believe—put it in terms the American astronaut could understand: “Did you find any blue cheese on the moon?” My school teacher told us this story, saying how impressed he was by the interpreter’s linguistic skills. This kind of interpreting would only be possible by someone who thoroughly knew both cultures. I don’t recall who the teacher was, but this is my most vivid memory regarding that epoch-making event in 1969.

Cream and Sugar

Special of the Month: Eric Kotani Interview

We have a timely guest at the Carlock Book Café this month, Eric Kotani,also known as Dr. Yoji Kondo, astrophysicist, science fiction writer, and Aikido/Judo master. Born in Japan, he has been working at NASA for 44 years! Link to the guest's biography:
Click here to read the interview.

Chizuko Jaggard

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