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Cream and Sugar
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Kei Ishiyama Interview

Cream and Sugar

A Japanese manga artist who published her graphic novels in Germany.
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March 2011
Flavor of the Month:

Photos of Japan

I try to capture the magic of a place, often ignoring tourist photos and focusing on intimate little details. I like best the photographs that seem to make a pathway into another world that is not quite this one.
Lisa Freitag

Torii Gate leading to Hakone Shrine on Lake Ashi near Mt. Fuji.

Golden sunlight on trees with shrine roofs.

little shrine
Mini shrine on top floor of a mall in Kawasaki (south of Tokyo).
It is common to see a small shrine even in modern buildings.

Fukazawa Zeniarai Benten Shrine in Gora Park, Hakone.

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quick snack stop
Food advertising banners at railroad stop on the way to
Gora Park. Slush, cold bottled milk, soft serve, etc…

Plastic food display of a restaurant. All the food
display in the glass case is made of plastic. Sign on
the front says 5 varieties of spaghetti for 900 yen.
These dishes must be today’s special, and may be
real food samples rather than plastic.

White lilies and Japanese Lanterns arranged in a basket. Fabric behind it extends the flower arranging. A tasteful display in front of a souvenir shop.

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