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Cream and Sugar
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Kei Ishiyama Interview

Cream and Sugar

A Japanese manga artist who published her graphic novels in Germany.
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Flavor of the Month: May 2011

Spring Photos of Japan

A presentation of the beauty of spring in Japan
Photos taken by Mr. Jiang Lai.

Japan In The Spring Ilia
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About the slide show

This slide presentation was planned before the recent havoc in Japan. Having seen so much destruction in Japan since the horrific 9.0-M earthquake hit the Tohoku Region on March 11, followed by the massive tsunami that literally washed away many towns, villages and thousands of lives, our hearts and prayers and help go out to the victims and survivors of this tragedy. It seems as though Japan has been branded in the media as a country with nothing but debris, dirt, and nuclear contamination. Inundated with these horrific negative images of Japan subsequent news seemed to progress with worsening reports and images. This is the nature of the media today and it is easy to forget that this nightmare of tragedy occurred only in the northeastern portion of Japan and the tsunami washed inland at most 10km. (6.2mi.) Let us rest our numbed brains of that tragedy and look at another part of Japan that remains undamaged.

When my former boss forwarded Jaing Lai’s slide show of “Japan in the Spring” several weeks ago (before the earthquake and tsunami) I was struck by the beauty of my mother country. Photographer Jaing Lai’s 25 pictures of Japan in the spring time captures the beauty of Japan in its essence. I’ve lived well over 2 decades in Illinois, and had forgotten the unique look of nature in Japan. The people there possess a natural talent of blending nature and man-made structures that is reflected in this exquisite group of images, so I hope you will enjoy the slide show, and remember that what you see on TV these days reflects only part of Japan.



Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami