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Cream and Sugar
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Kei Ishiyama Interview

Cream and Sugar

A Japanese manga artist who published her graphic novels in Germany.
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Eric Kotani
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August 2011 Flavor of the Month:

Let’s Learn Japanese!

NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai, or Japan Broadcasting Corporation, airs 10-minute Japanese lessons every week. Here’s a collection of 50 lessons for you to take advantage of. Japanese is an easy language to speak so far as pronunciation and grammar go. Enjoy these lessons, pick up some phrases, and try them on your Japanese friends. Have fun!

NHK WORLD's radio broadcast of 50 Japanese Lessons

"Japanese Lessons" - Learning Japanese Online in English - 10 min. radio broadcast by NHK WORLD
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『高野聖』 泉鏡花作

"The Holy Man of Mount Kōya”, Kōya Hijiri by Kyoka Izumi, 1873-1939

7月 の新着図書の中に泉鏡花の『高野聖』を見つけました。懐かしくて、ついそれを手に取ってしまいました。今度の開館日を待たずして、皆さんにも読んでいただけるように、今月の推奨図書に選びました。読後感想をお待ちしております。千津子

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