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Cream and Sugar
Special of the Month:
Kei Ishiyama Interview

Cream and Sugar

A Japanese manga artist who published her graphic novels in Germany.
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Interviews from Past Months

Eric Kotani
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Flavor of the Month: November 2011

Free Book of the Month in English!

Now you can read or listen to the free audio book
"The Japanese Reporter" in English free.

The Japanese Reporter

by Mrs. Everard Cotes (courtesy of LibriVox) Arranged by Lawrence J. Burpee (1873-1946)
Part of Humour of the North

Some day an enterprising editor may find time to glean from the whole field of Canadian literature a representative collection of wit and humour.... The present little collection obviously makes no such ambitious claim. It embraces, however, what are believed to be representative examples of the work of some of our better-known writers, many of which will no doubt be quite familiar to Canadian readers, but perhaps none the less welcome on that account. (Summary from the Introduction)

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Japanese Book of the Month!

Run, Melos! by Osamu Dazai (1909–1948)


久々に読み返した『走れメロス』。こんなに短編だったんですね。読み終わって心に残ったこと – メロスが誘惑に負けそうになって友達を見捨てようとしたこと。セリヌンティウスが一瞬友達を疑ったこと。 これを互いに正直に打ち明けたところです。皆さんの読後感はいかがなものでしょうか?千津子

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