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Cream and Sugar
Special of the Month:
Kei Ishiyama Interview

Cream and Sugar

A Japanese manga artist who published her graphic novels in Germany.
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Eric Kotani
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Flavor of the Month: Spring 2014

Free Book of the Month in English!


by Soseki Natsume (courtesy of LibriVox)

The storyteller initially met Sensei at a bathing beach in Kamakura and later often visited Sensei in Tokyo. When Sensei was still young, his friend committed suicide, and Sensei visited his tomb every month. Only towards the end of his own life, Sensei comes to terms with his feelings of guilt. (by ekzemplaro, librivox)

This is one of the most read books in Japan by young and old. I hope you enjoy the audio book. Chizuko

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Japanese Book of the Month!

Ikagura Monogatari

by Kyoshi Takahama (1874-1959)


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