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Directions to the Japanese Book Library and Carlock Book Cafe in Illinois


Library Rules

When visiting physically at the monthly library open house.

We do not lend books online. Books can only be checked out by physically visiting the library in Carlock, IL.
Directions to the Carlock Book Library and Book Cafe Day in Illinois
Please note the majority of the books are written in Japanese.

  1. Register You must register to check out books. (Registration is unnecessary for attending/browsing at the Cafe Day/Open house or downloading the online catalog)
  2. Check out After registration, pick out books you want to read, and bring them to the registration desk. There is no limit to the number of books you can check out at one time.
  3. Due Date You can enjoy reading the books until the next library day, approximately one month. The library is usually open on the third Saturday of the month. You are requested to return the books on time. However, you are permitted to make one extension if you give the library Administrator an advance notice by phone or email.
  4. Fines You are also reminded of handling books with care. Should they be lost, you will charged the replacement value of the book, there will be late fines: $2 for a soft cover, and $5 for a hard cover book.

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